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Green taglierini with codfish sauce

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Taglierini verdi con sugo di baccalà pinit

Taglierini verdi con sugo di baccalà (green taglierini with codfish sauce) is an easy to prepare fish dish that will make you look great with your guests. A tasty and colourful dish, it is based on two typical Ligurian ingredients: borage and baccalà (salt codfish).

The borage we use in the preparation of our fresh green taglierini is a plant that is very present in the local cuisine, especially in the fillings of cakes and fresh pasta. Genovese taglierini are a long fresh pasta, similar to tagliolini: in accordance with the tradition of Ligurian pasta, there are no eggs in the dough, or at most only small quantities.

Baccalà is dried codfish. Although not a Mediterranean fish, this ingredient has always been used in Ligurian recipes (in the form of salt cod or as stockfish), known to Genoese merchants through trade with northern Europe.

This recipe for green taglierini with codfish sauce comes from the kitchen of our Trattoria Cavour modo21. You can buy our fresh green taglierini in our store.

Taglierini verdi con sugo di baccalà pinit
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Green taglierini with codfish sauce

Difficulty: Beginner Cooking time 30 min Total time 30 mins
Portions: 4
Best season: Suitable throughout the year


Codfish sauce


  1. Sautéing and browning

    First, we cut the codfish (soaked and desalted) into cubes of about 5 cm. Then we sauté the whole garlic cloves and chopped onion. Take the pieces of codfish and toss them in the pan with the sauté. Brown them and deglaze with white wine.

  2. Adding tomatoes and flavours

    When the wine has evaporated, you can then add the cherry tomatoes and sauce. Put the lid on and cook for a quarter of an hour. Uncover and finish cooking for another 15 minutes, seasoning with the Taggiasca olives and capers.

  3. Cook the pasta and serve

    Fresh green taglierini are ready within minutes. They are a type of pasta that absorbs a lot of sauce, so the advice is always to leave the sauce a little more liquid. There is no need to toss the pasta in the pan. Add fresh parsley when serving the noodles on the plate. If you wish, you can also add a drizzle of raw oil.

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