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Sea bass ravioli with shrimp sauce

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ravioli al branzino con sugo di gamberi ricetta pinit

Sea bass ravioli with shrimp sauce is a dish that always impresses, perfect from the holiday table (pasta dish recommended for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve menu) to Sunday lunch in summer. We have chosen to dress our sea bass ravioli with a sauce that is very easy to prepare and will give you great satisfaction.

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Sea bass ravioli with shrimp sauce can be accompanied with fresh white wine (Vermentino and Pigato above all) or rosé wines. In Liguria we also have a red wine that is excellent with fish, especially for first courses and soups. This is Ciliegiolo del Levante Ligure, a red wine with an elegant and well-balanced flavour. This wine is brought to the table at a temperature of 15°C and served in medium-wide, medium-stemmed glasses.

Although traditional in many parts of Italy, fish ravioli have a great history in Liguria where they are known as ‘zembi d’arzillo’. Arzillo is the typical smell of the sea and reef, unmistakable in freshly caught fish. Zembi, on the other hand, would be a term derived from the Turkish ‘zembil’, a word that indicated the baskets in which the fish was transported.

If you are going to use frozen prawns for your sauce, our advice is to thaw them first: if you put them in the pan directly when they are frozen, there is a risk of uneven cooking. So to thaw them quickly just run the prawns under cold running water.

ravioli al branzino con sugo di gamberi ricetta pinit
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Sea bass ravioli with shrimp sauce

Difficulty: Beginner Cooking time 25 min Total time 25 mins
Portions: 4
Best season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Brown the chopped bacon and chilli in a pan, after a few minutes add the clove of garlic, which you remove once it has taken on colour. Deglaze with the wine and let it evaporate to half volume. Add the shelled prawns and season with salt and pepper. Allow to cook for a few minutes before adding the cherry tomatoes and finally the chopped almonds. Season with fresh herbs to taste (parsley or basil). Once the sauce is ready, cook the sea bass ravioli in plenty of salted water and season.

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