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Sagra del Pesce di Camogli 2023 (Fish Festival) – Save the date

In 1952, some people from Camogli came up with the idea of offering fried fish to the tourists who had come to the Ligurian seaside village for the feast of Saint Fortunato, the patron saint of fishermen, and so the Sagra del Pesce di Camogli (fish festival) was born. The initiative was repeated in the following years and given the success (by now international), they went from frying the fish on temporary cookers to frying it in a giant frying pan built for the occasion, which immediately became very famous and the symbol of the event. Over the past 71 years, at least five giant frying pans have followed one another: the first were made of iron while the current one is made of steel and has a diameter of 3.8 metres!

Sagra del Pesce di Camogli 2023
Camoglini volunteers prepare the huge fish fry in Piazza Colombo in the giant frying pan almost 4 metres in diameter.

Traditionally, the festival is held on the second Sunday in May. The festival begins the day before and on the evening of Saturday, 13 May, from around 11 p.m., the fireworks display and the lighting of the characteristic bonfires of San Fortunato can be enjoyed from Camogli’s seaside promenade. For those arriving in the village during the day, the San Fortunato market and gastronomic stands with Ligurian specialities will be waiting for them.

Sunday 14 May is the day of the main event that all lovers of festivals and fried fish await, and in Piazza Colombo in the morning, after the blessing of the frying pan, the frying begins!
For just a small fee, one can enjoy a bowl of fried fish.

On both days, both Saturday 13 May – for the evening fireworks display – and Sunday 14 May – for the Fish Festival – it will be possible to reach Camogli by boat from Genoa.

Once in Camogli, it will also be possible to continue along the Portofino promontory, admiring the breathtaking landscape of the coast from the boat, and finally arrive in the unspoilt bay of the marvellous San Fruttuoso Abbey, which has been preserved unchanged over the centuries because it can only be reached on foot or by sea.
See below for more information (temporarily in Italian). Credits: Pro Loco Camogli e Welcome Camogli.

Informazioni battello Genova Camogli San Fruttuoso
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