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Corzetti pasta with pine nuts sauce – Quick recipe

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Corzetti with pine-nut sauce is a typical dish from the Levante region of Liguria. The corzetti are also known as croxetti to distinguish them from the corzetti of the Polcevera Valley, which, unlike these from the Levante region, are made in the shape of a full eight (resembling butterflies) and are served with meat or mushroom sauces.

The corzetti del Levante have the particularity of showing relief designs on both sides. In ancient times these were made with wooden moulds and reproduced coats of arms or other family symbols.

Pine nut sauce (or sarsa de pigneu in dialect) is a typical Genoese condiment. In the traditional recipe, bread soaked in milk is used to make this sauce creamy. We let you discover this quick version of corzetti with pine-nut sauce with prescinsêua, the typical fresh Genoese cheese, which makes the preparation much easier!

Corzetti salsa pinoli pinit
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Corzetti pasta with pine nuts sauce – Quick recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 5 min Cooking time 10 min Total time 15 mins
Portions: 4
Best season: Suitable throughout the year




  1. The first mix

    Put all the pine nuts in a mixer or food processor with the fresh marjoram leaves, the garlic, a pinch of salt and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Meanwhile, put on the water to cook the pasta.

  2. Make it creamy

    After an initial blend, check the consistency and texture. Add some more extra virgin olive oil and process until creamy. Add salt to taste.

  3. Add the cheese

    Once this creamy pine nut base is obtained, add the prescinseua cheese and mix with a spoon. Then add 50 grams of grated Parmesan cheese and some cooking water from the pasta. Stir until creamy but not runny.

  4. The pasta is ready!

    The pine-nut sauce is ready. Cook the corzetti pasta. When they are ready, drain and season. Add more grated cheese to the dish. Garnish to taste with pine nuts and marjoram.

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